Monday, June 20, 2011

My Son - The Shoe Lover

This is Charlie

(this is what most of his pictures look like these days :)

And Charlie LOVES shoes.  As soon as he sees his shoes he runs over to them, sits himself down and squawks for you to put them on.  He kicks his little feet together in anticipation.  It is soooo cute.
This afternoon I decided to try and capture it.  The following photos are a re-enactment of his usual routine.  He wasn't quite as excited, given that I first had to take his shoes off in order to start the series of events :) 

First he holds them up to his feet:

Then he hollers for me to put them on:

Followed by some flailing

More attempts to put them on himself:

Then a little more squawking if we (the parents) aren't putting them on fast enough:
And lastly, the final product -- shoe satisfaction
So in case you are wondering, this is the photo of the group that really doesn't do his true reaction justice.  Typically the final product would be a smiling baby who kicks his shoes together a few times then gets up and takes off walking.  Today I just got a stare as if to say (thanks lady for taking off my awesome shoes, only to then make me beg to have them put back on.)
Not quite the emotion I was trying to capture, but I can't say that I blame him!!
Normally he would look a little more like this:
Happy Monday!

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  1. Lauren, Charlie is absolutely precious! Such a mix of you and Tony... What a cute and strange thing to love shoes, lol. Kids really have a way of making one laugh and appreciate the smaill things. Hope all is well with you and your family. ( are so stinking tiny, but I think your tweets on your new diet are funny...I feel your pain! Temptation all around!)

    -Taryn L