Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm neurotic -- end of sentence.

In my opinion you cannot work at a children's hospital, and not end up a worried, neurotic mess of a parent.  Unfortunately I see a lot of innocent freak accidents and worst case scenarios.  Then you have a baby of your own, and well, you go a little crazy.  I actually think that on most days I do a GREAT job of concealing most of my neurotic thoughts.  Today was not one of those days.

Today Tony and I took Charlie for his 1 year appointment.  The appointment itself went great (despite the fact that little man has a double ear infection), so that clearly wasn't what sent me into a neurotic episode.
Does he look like he has a double ear infection?

Here was the scenario.  The nurse had Charlie lay on the exam table while she measured him, took his temperature,etc.and then she left the room.  Tony moved over and sat down beside Charlie on the table.  I was sitting on the opposite side of the room.  For whatever reason Charlie is content to lay on the table starring at the ceiling, and this simple action sent me into my neurotic episode.  In my head all I could see happening was him rolling off the table onto the hard doctor's office floor.  My husband is sitting DIRECTLY beside him for heaven's sake, and my anxiety level continued to rise.  At one point Charlie blinked like he was going to roll over and I bolted out of my seat.  Tony looked at me like the crazy person I was and said "I'm sitting right next to him - relax." 
So, it's official, I'm a crazy person.  I've told Tony on more than one occasion that he is just going to have to accept this part of me.  My workplace had ingrained a certain level of fear about normal day to day activities that will prevent me from ever being a "normal" parent.  It seems as though every other day I come home from work with a new item to add to the list of things Charlie can never do.

Here is the current list:
1) Eat a grape
2) Ride a bike
3) Ride a bike on the street
4) Walk on the street
5) Play a sport
6) Swim
7) Eat peanuts
9) Ride in a car without a seat belt.  Actually I am quite sure that Charlie will be the only middle schooler still riding around in a 5 point harness booster seat (facing backwards) if I have anything to say about it.

My poor son, not to mention my poor husband!! Obviously I know he will do just about everything on this list, which means I will spend every second praying and hoping for the best case scenario to play out, instead of the worst. Oh the gray hairs -- I can feel them coming already!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

UK Wins!!!!

So last night was pretty amazing.  The fact that UK won the game made it worth the exhaustion I am suffering from today.  I couldn't get myself to go to sleep until nearly 1 am due to my excitement level :) and then my alarm was sounding at 5:30 reminding me I had to get up and get myself to work.

My evening tonight will consist of willing Butler to a victory over Florida followed by me passing out so that I can be well rested for the UK vs. UNC matchup tomorrow.  Glad tomorrow's game isn't until 5 so that I will be home from work and ready to watch.

So proud of the CATS!!
Here are a few links to some of my favorite gametime moments:

This one just makes me laugh!

And this one almost gave me a heart attack!

Friday, March 25, 2011

First Birthday

Last week we had the pleasure of celebrating our little boy's first birthday.  It is amazing to think just 12 months ago our family looked like this:
Today our tiny litte boy (born at only 5 pounds 10 ounces) isn't so tiny.  He feeds himself, crawls, pulls up, shouts, laughs, entertains -- he is truly a little person, and it's AMAZING that he went from this helpless little infant 
To this very BUSY little boy in a matter of only 12 months!

His first birthday was a huge success and the celebration spanned over three full days.  Actual birthday on Thursday, celebrated by close family.  Friday was a party all day as my inlaws watched Charlie and spoiled him rotten.  Then Saturday, the actual party, where over 30 of our closest friends came by to celebrate with us.  It means the world to Tony and I to have such great friends who refer to themselves not just by their names, but as Aunt or Uncle so and so.  I can't wait to see the role that our wonderful friends have in the lives of our children.  We are truly blessed people, first and foremost to have our wonderful friends and families, and secondly to be given the amazing blessing of our little boy.  Charlie you are extremely lucky to be surrounded by such unconditional love.  Happy Birthday little man!

Oh and on a side note -- Go Cats!  I'll be honest I think us beating Ohio State is a bit of a stretch, but anything can happen and given that my bracket has UK winning the whole thing (as it does every year) I am really hoping for a victory :)