Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Kid-Free" Time

Becoming a parent is soooo beyond a full time job.  I mean the reality is that it compands 110% of your time, energy, thought, patience and love.  It also becomes really difficult to find "kid-free" time to spend with your spouse.  To begin with it can be hard to find someone you feel comfortable leaving your child with.  Tony and I are blessed to have family close by who is always more than willing to watch their favorite (and only) grandson!!
But even given that we have family to watch Charlie, it is still hard to find time.  We both work full time jobs that probably demand at least 50 hours a week.  We both have hobbies we enjoy, friends we want to see, so making time to fit all those things in can be quite the challenge, plus at some point you might want to sleep :)  And then there is the inevitable guilt you feel whenever you leave your child behind.  I remember within the first few days of Charlie's life being completely flooded with guilt.  I can't even tell you what exactly I felt guilty about -- I just felt it, guilt, guilt, guilt.  It begins the moment you see their sweet little face and I am quite convinced it never ends.

Today however was one of those rare times where all the stars aligned.  Tony and several other guys had paid for a Jockey Club Suite at Churchill Downs for the day today. We had planned to bring Charlie and at the last minute changed our minds.  We opted to leave him with my parent's for the day, that way he could still have his afternoon nap and Tony and I could spend the day together.  BEST DECISION EVER!!!!!!!
We had a wonderful time, talking, laughing, spending time together.  I also realized when you aren't literally juggling a child, many tasks are quite simple.  I didn't have to open my water bottle with one hand, or eat a sandwich while balancing a 20 pound child on my hip.  I got to talk and laugh with my husband and it was awesome.

Moral of the story, making "kid-free" time happen is not easy, but sooooo valuable, and sooo important.  I love this little boy and this face with ALL MY HEART!

But I also love this man, and the life we have made together.

It was nice to take an afternoon, and remember where this all started, with just the two of us.  Love u babe.

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