Monday, October 3, 2011

18 Months

Little man, was 18 months old this month!!  At times that seems amazing and just yesterday he was an infant.  At other times it seems like he has been with us for years.  Funny enough several of my good friends are either pregnant or have new babies and when they ask me questions about the infant stage I try to remember what we did with Charlie and I can't even remember that time.  It's like my mind has sort of glossed over the struggle you feel as a new mom and replaced those memories with nothing but sweet ones.
To capture my perfect little man at 18 months, here is a list of 18 things you may not know about him!
1) His first and favorite word is "ball!!!"
2) He is in the 25% in height and weight, a perfect quarter!
3) He LOVES to be outside, all day, everyday
4) He eats pretty much everything, much less picky than his daddy :)
5) He is without a doubt the neatest member of our family. He likes to put things back where he found them, and he loves to throw things into the garbage can.
6) He loves to dance
7) He loves dogs, almost as much or maybe more than he loves balls
8) He can bark like a dog, and he can tell you what a sheep says -- that`s it for animal sounds.
9) He is fascinated with belly buttons, especially his own -- it isn`t a typical night at a restaurant if he doesn`t walk around with his shirt pulled up inspecting his belly.
10) He loves books
11) He loves blankets. He isn`t too particular on any one blanket, but he prefers to sleep on the blanket with his face buried in the blanket (something his paranoid mother isn`t too fond of, but I`m working on it). He also calls his blanket his "baby"
12) Anytime he sees a picture of myself, or Tony he says "dada". At first I thought he was just partial to Tony, but then I saw him pointing to Lea Michele in US Weekly saying "dada" and I realized dada is just his word for anyone in our family, haha.
13) He is a daddy`s boy... for sure!
14) He LOVES to laugh
15) He loves to brush his teeth
16) He is very independent.
17) He still loves shoes. If Tony and I are sitting around the house without shoes, he will go find us a pair and then carry them over to us. Strangely enough he really does seem to know which shoes are mine and which are Tony`s.
18) Maybe my current favorite, is we have taught him to say please, more like "peez" He doesn`t necessarily say it without being prompted, but anytime I ask him to say it he quickly pops out a "peez" following by a big grin.

Love that boy with all my heart!!!