Wednesday, August 31, 2011

(Today) I Hate Daycare

I would just like to start with a disclaimer, that I do in fact love my daycare. The facility is great, the people are great and I would recommend it to anyone.

Today, however I hate daycare, all daycares in general.

I hate that we stuff a bunch of germ loving kids in a building and then just sit back and wait to see what kind of super bacteria we can create. I hate that whenever I take Charlie to the doctor that I get the "oh that explains it" face whenever I tell them he goes to daycare.
I hate that he had one consistent ear infection for the whole month of July that ultimately resulted in a ruptured ear drum because the bacteria that was living in there was resistant to every antibiotic we tried. I hate the rare days that I go to pick him up and find him crying. I hate that Monday they thought he had pink eye (because it was going around) and then today they call to tell me they think he has hand, foot and mouth disease (something that frankly sounds like it was named in the middle ages). He did not turn out to have pink eye, but does in fact have hand, foot and mouth.

I hate that this has been a hard month for Charlie. Up until now he has loved daycare. He could have cared less when Tony and I dropped him off in the morning, and most afternoons I had to pull him away from his friends or his toy and essentially force him to come home with me.
He made the move to the toddler room this month and while it`s a great thing for him socially, as he now has kids his own age to play with, the change in nap schedule and the sheer increase in daily activities has realy worn him out. Him being super worn out only increases the likelihood that he has a night terror, and it`s awful feeling like you can`t help prevent his night terrors, because most days of the week you aren`t in charge of his nap schedule.

He is super eager to leave when I pick him up. He runs to me and gives me a hug, which makes me feel great, but then he impatiently stands pointing at the door instructing me to get him the hell out of there (or at least that is what I imagine him saying).
He cried last week when I had to drop him off in the morning, and it was awful- I hated that too.

I love my job, and I`m happy I get to be a mom and a professional, but today I hate daycare.

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  1. I totally feel you, Lauren! There are days when I get to the daycare and just feel like such a bad mom b/c I can tell that Madeline is miserable. I'm almost convinced that my double ear infection is a result of those germy kids! But then there are other days when I get there and Madeline is sitting next to one of her friends laughing and I know she had a good day. I just remind myself that she would have those exact same good and bad days if she was at home with me! Hope Charlie feels better soon!